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When It Was Dad’s Turn To Make A Speech At The Wedding, He Exposed The Secret He’d Been Keeping


Few things in life are as fun as weddings. When two families get to celebrate love and joining together, the result is an occasion filled with joy. Any party that is built around the feeling of joy is going to be a memorable time. Last year, I got to speak at my best friend’s wedding. I told a funny story and made people laugh as I spoke about our trip to Alaska when we got stuck on a glacier. My story got people engaged.

But when you see how this father uses his speech at his daughter’s wedding, you’ll understand why everyone gasped in surprise. None expected him to reveal the secret he had kept from his daughter for an entire year in the way he did. It was downright shocking.

Fathers play a vital role in the weddings of their daughters. They walk her down the aisle, they “give her away” to the man of her dreams, and they are expected to dance with her during the reception. Fathers play an essential role in the upbringing of their daughters, so it only makes sense that they are a pivotal piece in the planning of the wedding.

Newlywed Nicole Cortez was over the moon. Her wedding had gone off without a hitch, and she was enjoying every second of it. They had transitioned from the ceremony to the reception and drinks were flowing. Then her dad took the stage and shocked everyone.

Nicole was left gapping at the surprise her dad had planned.

While she always expected her dad to play his vital role on her wedding day, nothing prepared her for what he had coming. When Nicole realizes what her father was doing, her face changed. She covered her mouth in surprise, and then her eyes crinkled up as she began to tear up.

Suddenly, the song “I Love Her First” played on the speakers. It was originally sung by the band Heartland and was the perfect tune to put Dad’s feelings into words.

Although Nicole is not deaf, she works as a sign language interpreter. Because Dad knew how much sign language meant to his little girl, he spent an entire year preparing for this moment. So he proceeded to learn sign language so he could sign the song that meant so much to him and show her how much he cared. The video, which has gone viral since Nicole’s wedding, is filled with surprises. And Dad proves he deserves the dad-of-the-year award with this one.

Nicole captured the video of her dad signing “I Loved Her First” and shared it on her personal YouTube page. It has received more than 26 million views since it was published back in 2012.

Nicole wrote, “At my wedding reception my dad surprises my new husband and me by signing a beautiful song. I am a sign language interpreter, so this meant the world to me. He said it took him the entire year I was engaged in learning how to sign this song.”

What’s your reaction to Dad’s display of devotion?

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