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Twins with stunning eyes are known across the world as the «Blue Twins.» Now they have grown up, and here is how they look


Although the birth of twins is not an unusual occurrence, people are nonetheless fascinated by it. Megan and Morgan are well-known not just for being identical twins, but also for their gorgeous eyes.


Their picture was posted online when they were four years old. They rapidly gained popularity due to their turquoise-colored eyes..

While most parents want to show off images of their children, the unusual looks of these twins made news all over Miruna without their permission. They currently have over 184,000 Instagram followers.

Stephanie, their mother, encouraged the girls to come up with a nickname. She was the one who coined the term «Blue Twins» to describe their distinctive blue eyes.

You can tell which of the females is Megan and which is Morgan by looking them in the eyes.Megan has two blue eyes, whilst Morgan has a variety of hues. I can’t determine which of them is more appealing to me; I believe they both win.

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