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This kid’s hard luck and incredible talent made even the toughest members of the jury cry!


What is the talent of children? Look at them and you will be amazed! The most amazing thing is that many of them show their talent in childhood and reach great heights already at school age thanks to it. These children are certainly something to be proud of.

And we should also thank their parents for their commitment to their education. Look at this child! She is simply amazing. Angelica Hill started singing at the age of two and is now nine years old.

And her voice really is perfect! Five years ago, the girl’s parents could never have imagined that she would end up on the big stage of a talent show. After all, she was suffering from bilateral pneumonia and her kidneys were failing. Thanks to her mother’s kidney, the girl survived!

The fact that she is in this show is a real miracle. Enjoy the girl’s incredible voice! She was able to melt the hearts of even the jury members and make them cry! Let’s listen to Angelica Hill’s incredible singing and share this video with all your friends.

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