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This chicken is a pianist. People are extremely surprised 


Dogs and cats have performed numerous commands and activities throughout antiquity, and no one looks out of place when they do it. It turns out you can train chickens the same way you can train cats, dogs, and horses. Throughout history, animals have been trained to perform activities that humans lack the time or confidence to perform.

Jonggu, the chicken pianist, is a perfect example of this. It may seem impossible, but videos of Jonggu playing Puccini have gone viral.
What’s the trick? Long ago, people started training chickens, despite the common misconception that they are fuzzy, forgetful, and other undesirable traits.

Food training taught chickens to distinguish between circles, squares, triangles, as well as between large and small objects (principle of nipple drinkers and feeders). Additionally, experiments are awaited to support hens’ response to color.

It wasn’t possible to stick one grain color to the feeder because the bird stopped paying attention to it over time, the hens didn’t touch it, and it remained in the feeder. A chicken by the name of Jongu remains on a farm in Maryland, trained by the renowned, outstanding, and often unique trainer VL.

According to the owners, the luminous keys, which shine with the right amount of intensity at the right time, guide the bird and guide the song, though he still makes mistakes from time to time, as if he is a true musician. She needs two weeks to keep the piece. Other chickens have also been known to play music, for instance a student in China was taking a course on the psychology of animal behavior and decided to teach a chicken to play the piano for an exam as part of their course work. The three-headed bird sang for three months.

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