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The performances of a man playing the piano on the street stop and listen to the passers-by with great pleasure


It always seemed to us that people singing or playing on the street were singing or playing to ask for money. But there are creative people who value their talent in addition to money. It is true that they have no money, no home and their home is the street, but still they live thanks to creativity. There is almost no such city or country whose streets are not full of street musicians.

You can even meet them at every step and sometimes you give money to some of them. Their song can be so exciting and attractive that a passerby stops to listen to their performance.
You can see the 55-year-old musician playing the piano on the street every day. He creates creative miracles from morning to night, and the sound of his melody can be heard even in the next streets. Passers-by even stop, forgetting about their work, and admire the work of a talented person. He played so heartily and with all his spirit that even the most indifferent passerby listen and admire for a moment.

The busker’s name was Donald Gould. He was not a singer by profession, but served learned to play the piano. Then his life didn’t go the way he wanted and he was left without home. Despite his dreams not being fulfilled, he never talks about money or anything else. He just plays quietly. He is penetrating people’s hearts. He does not play an ordinary primitive, but a mixture of several music. His music is hard work. People passing by on the street decided to help him. Such a talent should not be left without a home and singing on the street. He was a talent and it should be appreciated. Soon his name and pictures appeared in newspapers and magazines and he became famous.
People decided to collect money, buy a house and a piano for him. He should not sing on the street, his place was the stage, and the big stages, said the people.

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