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Rod Stewart Shares 11-Year-Old Son Got a Suspected Heart At-tack & Was Rushed to HospitaI


Rod Stewart’s 11-year-old son was rushed to the hospital after collapsing and “going blue.”
The singer and his wife, Penny Lancaster, try to create strong family bonds with his eight children.

The beloved singer Rod Stewart recently had the fright of his life when his son collapsed at a soccer match. The boy, Aiden Stewart, was playing for the Young Hoops Under 12s team when he suddenly collapsed.

Almost numb from shock and fear, his father scrambled to get his son in an ambulance and to a hospital while his son was reportedly “going blue.” Rod commented, “we thought my boy had a heart attack.”

He hated that another man got to spend so long with his wife, but he remained supportive of her nonetheless.

Luckily, the doctors informed the singer that his son had merely suffered a severe panic attack. Although they were still reeling from the scare, the parents were relieved to hear their youngest son was not, in fact, in life-threatening danger.

Rod Stewart and Wife Penny: Love Story of 15 Years
Aiden is the youngest child of Rod and his wife, Penny Lancaster. Their eldest child, Alastair Stewart, was born in 2005, the same year Rod proposed to Penny. The suave singer popped the question at the top of the Eiffel tower in March, and by November, Alastair was born. Rod commented:

“It will come as no surprise that Penny and I wanted to start a family as soon as possible.”

Before Penny, Rod was in a series of relationships, all of which didn’t work out. He also had children with a few of his previous partners, and besides the two boys he shares with Penny, the musician has six other children.

The singer managed to bring seven out of eight kids along, and the group had an absolute blast.

Rod is head-over-heels for Penny. The singer’s wife shared with a laugh that Rod got jealous when she participated in “Strictly Come Dancing.” He hated that another man got to spend so long with his wife, but he remained supportive of her nonetheless.

Rod Stewart Has Strong Bonds with His 8 Kids
Despite being a famous rock and pop star, Rod tries to make time for all of his children. This doesn’t sound like an easy feat, considering many of them have moved away to make their own lives, but with Penny’s help, Rod took his children to Italy this year.

Ruby, Rob’s daughter mentioned that the family truly needed the vacation. They hadn’t seen each other since 2015, so getting together again helped them to reforge their family bonds, and they had the chance to catch up.

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