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Mom says no one congratulated her or celebrated her disabled daughter’s arrival


When her daughter was born, Eliza realized the reaction was not what she expected it would be.

Eliza Jamkochian Bahneman, 36, and her husband Erik, 41 years old, have tried to conceive for about nine months until finally, they had great news. The woman was pregnant and was finally going to be a mom.

She was excited as any new mom would be. Eliza immediately shared the amazing news with her family and everyone was simply ecstatic for the couple.

Eliza’s sisters and cousins all had children of their own at the time, and she was glad to finally have her own.

At her age, it would be difficult to get pregnant but she was given a miracle. Eliza and her husband are extremely thankful for their blessing who they’ve come to know will be a baby girl.

Everything was just so amazing and everyone was thrilled at meeting the newest member of the family in a few months’ time.

Eliza was prepared and she was ready to deliver her baby on her due date. But, of course, her baby had other ideas.

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