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I want to have children, but my lover does not like this idea, because he cannot leave his ex with children from his first marriage. Maybe it’s time to leave


My husband and I began to quarrel when I got a job and started getting at least some money, in the end he had to come to terms with the fact that we would do all the household chores together, and not just me. It only now became clear to me that he perceived me as a housekeeper, but not for his wife. As a result, we decided to divorce, because we have not had children for all this time.

Just at this time, one man began to look after me, and then we began an affair and I fell in love again. Later we began to go to restaurants very often and just walk around the city at night. I felt comfortable when we spent time together.

After our relationship, which lasted almost a year anyway, Maxim and I became like family to each other, and could safely spend the night in each other’s apartments for weeks. I began to have too much work, so Maxim was always ready to help me. He no longer had a family and he lived on his own, so I thought that someday he would propose to me and we would finally become a couple.

I also knew that Maxim had a child from his first marriage, whom he sometimes sees. I’m not at all worried that he goes to his ex-wife, because it’s normal when a man sees his children. But then my attitude towards this changed when one employee told me that now Maxim has two children. I was very disappointed in him, because he said that he no longer had anything to do with his ex, and the child had nothing to do with it at all, but then how did he have another son? I didn’t want to make a fuss about it, so I just started ignoring him.

As a result, Maxim, upon returning from vacation, decided to come to me to tell everything in detail. He begged me on his knees to forgive him and swore that he could not imagine life without me. I didn’t want to leave it all just like that, so we got back together.

In general, it seems to me that it is time for us to stop considering ourselves such a couple, even if we cannot even decide on a wedding.

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