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House of broken dishes! Everything is made from broken dishes, what do you think?


The Maison Cassée Vaisselle or House of Broken Dishes, located in the town of Louviers in France, is a curious sight.

In 1952, textile factory worker Robert Weissel and his wife decided to completely decorate their house and garden with tableware mosaics. The idea came to Robert when he wanted to decorate his kitchen sink with mosaics.

No wallpaper, no paint – it was the spouses’ decision. Only shiny china, glass, broken crockery and shells. The owners of this beautiful estate are no longer alive, but their son continued the idea and the improvement of the estate. Now tourists do not deprive this unique and very beautiful place of attention.

Robert collaborated with scavengers and negotiated with friends, acquaintances and neighbors. If you break something, bring it to us. Everyone answered willingly and a masterpiece was created.

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