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Family in awe as 200 farmers fall silent at auction so they can buy their farm back.


When the day of the auction finally arrived, David and his father were shocked to see the number of fellow farmers who showed up. Two-hundred farmers showed up, to be exact. They thought there was no way that they would be able to pull this off — there was no way they could outbid that many farmers!

Luckily, everyone else was on their side.

The other farmers at the auction actually surprised them and ended up doing something pretty selfless and incredible.

When the moment finally came, David and his father placed their bid. Then… crickets. No other farmer spoke up or tried to outbid them. All two-hundred of the farmers were staying clear out of their way — it was something they were not expecting to see at all.

A plan well executed.
All of the farmers who attended the auction actually had the same wish as David, and that’s for them to have their farm back. It sure was an unconditional act of kindness if it so happened that some of them actually have the ability to bid higher.

But no one did, and David couldn’t be happier with what was happening.

Let’s keep our faith in each other, especially during these difficult times. Never lose hope and always believe that one day, this pandemic will be finally over. In the meantime, let’s keep on helping one another by all means, big or small.

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