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During the wedding, the groom announced that besides the bride, there is someone else in his life whom he loves


Marriage is one of the most important events in a person’s life. Couples wait for that day with great joy and delight. There are such types of people who prepare for that day for months, with great pomp and enthusiasm. Many people hardly find their dream dress after searching for a while,

they don’t decide what the decoration of the house should be, they spend a long time on the guest list. There are also a group of couples who organize everything in a very short time. This Portuguese couple of ours was one of those couples who prepared for their anniversary for a long time.

The bride, Giovanna, searched for a long time and finally found her gorgeous wedding dress, thought for a long time before drawing up the guest list. And on the wedding day, everything was organized just as Giovanna and Jefferson had dreamed: beautiful decorations, beautiful music, pleasant surroundings, beautiful and expensive. gifts and most importantly cute couples. Everything was wonderful. The guests are happy, dancing and having a good time. The couples are happy. And here is the moment when everyone is waiting for the tango of love between the bride and the groom, when the groom stands up and declares that there is another person in his life whom he loves unconditionally.

Everyone waits petrified. Different thoughts go through everyone’s head. But I will not make the bridegroom wait for two months. Just know who that creature was. We are talking about Giovanni’s 8-year-old daughter. He is willing to love and take care of the girl. It’s amazing, isn’t it, how difficult it is to love a foreigner and an Indian to love someone else’s family? And I will say that love works miracles. For the sake of the woman he loved, Jefferson was ready to accept, love and respect the little one.

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