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Dollars appear at the door of the store every day. It became clear from the cameras who was bringing it.


One of the store employees saw a beautiful cat on the sidewalk and decided to bring it to the store and keep it. A cat lived nearby. So they decided to leave him where he spent his nights alone. The animal immediately adapted to it. And after another six months, people started waking up and finding money under the door. Store manager Stuart McDaniel was the first to notice the cash inside near the entrance. He chose to ignore the incident and assumed that one of the customers had simply left the money there. But a few days later, the same thing happened again.

Again, money was found at the door. In the morning, dollar bills again appeared at the door. Then people started to believe that the reason for the sudden appearance of money was a cat that staff had brought home from the streets six months earlier and decided it should stay. The cat often liked to lie near the door and pass the time like that. The store employees decided to conduct an experiment to find out if their cat was really the source of the sudden appearance of money. They set up cameras and started watching. And yes, we saw how the cat started to bring in money.

The suspicions were confirmed. One evening, a passerby decides to use a dollar to play with a cat. Later, several passers-by began to play with the cat, noticing it and the dollar lying on the ground. The cat picked up quite a bit of money from the floor after a few hours. When McDaniel noticed their pet “earning” money at night, he decided the money needed to be put to good use. On behalf of her shop cat, she began donating it to a charity to help the city’s homeless population.

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