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Dad Talks to Baby Boy Like an Adult, Has No Idea He’d Get This Reaction


Babies never cease to amaze us, from the moment you learn you are expecting them to the moment they are in your arms. There is no doubt that the development of a human being from a single cell to a full flesh human being is an extraordinary journey, which goes through the hardship of 9 months, or in some cases, seven months.

As soon as you hear their first heartbeat or see their first steps, these bundles of joy make us fall in love with them, this whole process of them developing is in itself an adventure that we cannot miss out on. Yet, these tiny creatures have no clue about the significant passage they take upon for years. A YouTuber by the name of Jason Silva talks about the baby’s step by step progress in the clip below.

In fairness, the child doesn’t have any idea what his dad is talking about. But the reaction that follows is one of the cutest things you have ever seen. He looks so flabbergasted at what he’s hearing that you’ll be in fits of laughter.

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