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Cheerleader Can’t Stay On Her Feet When Navy Dad Walks Out From Behind The Curtain


17-year-old Delainey Smith was getting ready to take the floor with her cheerleading friends but had no idea it was to be an unforgettable Valentine’s Day.Her father, FC1 William Smith of the U.S. Navy, was hiding behind the curtains with flowers. He came home to surprise her.

Smith had been away for seven months, serving on the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz. Like many uniformed men and women who are away from their families, Smith does it for the love of his country.Delainey was at a cheerleading event on a Friday night.It was February 14th at Westosha Central High School, and love was definitely in the air. She just didn’t know it yet.

The teen just thought it was their usual routine with her squad putting on a performance for the parents in attendance. Will had other plans for the night as you’ll soon see.

He collaborated with his wife for this surprise.

Delainey was one of the last girls to walk out on the floor. She was clueless that behind those curtains was her very nervous and emotional father.

It’s difficult to comprehend just how much of a sacrifice it is to enlist, get assigned, and leave family behind knowing full well that a mission could mean not coming home.

The sacrifices military men and women make means that people back home get to go to work in peace, enjoy their meals quietly, and have fun with their own families.

They take care of national security.
And while wives and kids understand, not having dad around still is heartbreaking. They’d rather have him home.

William Smith knew this all too well.
And as soon as he steps out from those closed curtains, Delainey falls to her knees with tears of disbelief and joy on her young face

This was the same day he arrived at the airport. His daughter was his priority!

“She’s clueless right now,” Will explained to TMJ4 before the surprise.

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