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Vacationers found an old boat in the forest and turned it over and saw two pairs of eyes asking for help.

Hello friends. An excellent sense of smell is one of the unique features of the representatives of the canine family. This skill is developed and trained in every possible way for this. Dogs attend service dog breeding clubs, where they go through a full-fledged dog school. However, these activities only improve what is bestowed on … Read more

The dog looked at passers-by with a frightened look. She was taken from the street and now she is unrecognizable

Hello friends. Fear is considered one of the most powerful feelings for both people and animals, but even he recedes before love and affection. The hero of this story found a downtrodden, frightened dog on the street, which they took to drink. Here the peach has changed from worries and beyond recognition. Paws of Hope … Read more