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People were closed in the artificial world for 2 years, but the result of the experiment turned out to be sad

Hi friends. Constant predictions about the end of the world have forced scientists to think about how you live on if our planet is really in danger of destruction. In the framework of scientific research in the 90s and even a unique experiment was carried out. In particular, scientific minds considered the possibility of creating … Read more

The inhabitants of this village left a long time ago and now large dolls live in their place. Why did it happen?

Hi friends. There is a small village in Japan called Mt. In general, this is an ordinary settlement, which had every chance of remaining unknown, but there is something here that arouses the interest of those bordering on superstitious fear. The fact is that the set is inhabited by very unusual inhabitants. These are rag … Read more

In the US, houses were built for the homeless, but you can live in them by agreeing to certain rules.

Hi friends. In the American city of San Jose, there are houses for the homeless, while living conditions there are quite good. In particular, people in need are offered a fairly spacious and furnished room. True, in order to occupy this living space, it is necessary to fulfill certain conditions of San Jose. It is … Read more

The girl bought a paperweight at a sale and after 5 years found an incredible find inside

Hi friends. What can happen at a regular garage sale is usually nothing special. However, the story of jessica roberts from the US state of Ohio proves otherwise. A woman bought a regular heart-shaped paperweight for only $1. The accessory has become an ordinary household trinket for Jessica, but she did not even suspect what … Read more