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Smart elephant and sister try to trick keepers for more food, get caught. Watch

Elephants are definitely one of the most intelligent creatures in the animal kingdom. And if you are familiar with the Instagram page named Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, then you probably already have a fair idea about the kind of posts regarding elephants that they share. This time, they have shared a story about an intelligent teen elephant and his sister, who tried to trick the keepers in order to go and get some more food.

The video of these elephants come with a detailed caption that helps people understand what exactly happened. It reads, “Our sweet-as-pie Ambo has a sneaky side! Rarely a day goes by that he doesn’t try to raid the Ithumba feed store. This morning was no different. Under the auspices of having a scratch, he sidled over to the wall in order to scope out the situation and formulate a plan.”

It continues, “After faux scratching for a bit, Ambo scaled the wall, with the feed store in his sights. When he realised the Keepers had spotted him, he diverted to his bedroom, as if pretending he had forgotten something in there! It wasn’t long before his honorary big sister, Kamok, climbed up to join him. Seeing all this action, Mteto hurried over and decided to save energy by stepping over the gate.”

We won’t give away more, so take a look at this adorable video and read the entire explanatory caption right here:

The video has been posted on Instagram three days ago and since then, has garnered several comments from people who couldn’t stop laughing and admiring these elephants’ show of wit. It has also received more than 30,000 likes on it so far.

An Instagram user pointed out, “Showcasing not just their cheekiness but a high level of intelligence….strategical, tactical…and…when things go awry, to call it a day.” “They are so intelligent…how he peeks over to the keeper raking the ground before he walks on…and pretends to scratch his back on the fence…too good,” reads another comment. A third comment reads, “Thank you so much for this heartwarming story. Much-needed cheer. These eles are precious”

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