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Baby born with a stork bite a few weeks after grandmother’s death. Watch

There are some co-incidences in life that are just too sweet and wholesome. Like when a baby is born after someone has passed away in the family. Like this video posted on Instagram that shows a baby that was born with a stork bite. There is a myth surrounding babies that if they are born with a stork bite, which is a form of birthmark, it means they have been kissed by an angel before entering the world. The video will melt your heart as it is really adorable.

The video was posted by the couple Brooke and Rhett Scheurn on April 23. It has got more than 5.73 lakh views so far. The couple’s grandmother passed away a couple of weeks before their baby was born. Their baby was born with a stork bite on his nape so they believe that it was kissed by an angel before being born. “Our grandma passed away a couple weeks before our baby was born. They say if your baby was born with a stork bite…they were kissed by an angel before entering this world,” says the text on the video.

“Thank You Grandma for looking out for Clove,” says the caption of the video.

Watch the video below:

“Your daughter is an angel,” commented an Instagram user. “My daughter was born a year after my Momma passed away, my little one was the first one out of all the grandkids to have a stork bite,” another commented. “Both of my kids were born with it in the same spot as well,” said a third.

What are your thoughts about this co-incidence?

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