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Cat shows how to enjoy while doing nothing. Watch and learn

There is no denying the fact that cats rule the Internet. Alongside, there are also those videos of the kitties that teach humans a thing or two. This video showcasing a very adorable ball of fur perfectly fits into that category. In the video, the kitty teaches how to enjoy the “dolce far niente” – an Italian phrase that means sweetness of doing nothing.

The video was posted on both Instagram and Twitter dedicated to the cat. The video opens to show a cat lying on its back on what appears to be a couch. The adorable creature is seen doing absolutely nothing except wagging its tails slowly and in a relaxing way.

Take a look at the video that may prompt you to follow the cat too:

The video, since being posted, has gathered nearly 6,000 likes and counting. The post has also prompted people to come up with various comments.

“I am indeed enjoying it!” wrote an Instagram user. “We love dolce far niente,” posted another. “This mood,” commented a third. “The best way to spend time,” expressed a fourth. “What a fabulous chill pose!” shared a fifth.

On Twitter too, the video gathered several comments and nearly 3,200 views. A Twitter user shared, “That’s me. I can relate.” Another joined in and posted, “Lol omgosh I needed that laugh.” A third expressed, “Just purrecious!!”. Then a fourth wrote, “Fabulous.”

What do you think about the video?

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