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German Shepherd doggo’s playtime with cute baby ducklings is a must-watch

There are plenty of animal videos on the Internet that show them doing all sorts of cute things and going about their days. What makes some of these videos even cuter is when two or more different kinds of animals interact with each other and have fun in the process. Just like this one video that has recently been shared on Instagram and involves a cute dog and some baby ducklings.

The dog in the video is a German Shepherd and is one of the five dogs to whom an Instagram page is dedicated. This page has more than 1.9 lakh followers and is known to regularly post videos and photos of these dogs’ day-to-day adventures. Just like in this video, this dog’s human has decided to get it some cute little ducklings to play with.

The video shows how the dog is extremely caring and nurturing towards these cute little ducklings in an inflatable pool. And the cute animal video has managed to brighten up a lot of people’s days and is most likely going to have a very similar effect on yours. It has been shared on Instagram with a cute caption that reads, “He’s so gentle.” It is complete with the emoji of a smiling face with hearts.

Take a look at the adorable dog video right here:

It has been shared six days ago and received more than 8,000 likes on it already. The numbers only keep increasing.

An Instagram user pointed out, “I love how he kept his back leg up until that one came out from under there!” “I love how he is watching them so carefully like they might drown,” reads another comment. A third comment reads, “This is so sweet and heartwarming!”

What are your thoughts on this video? Would you like to join the cute dog and the adorable ducklings in their play time?

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