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Strange and unusual behavior of the animals, what does it mean?

Today we have a story about unusual and seemingly illogical and strange animal behaviors let’s begin.

In one of the deserts of arabia nomadic people like diversifying their diet. The spiny-tailed lizard is a popular local delicacy. The reptile usually hides from the sun in a burrow but that’s not a very safe shelter.

A caught lizard stays fresh for a couple of days. For the other lizards to avoid a similar fate of being caught by people or other predators they need an ally. This black scorpion is also looking for a hiding place preferably a lizards burrow. As it wants to hide in the cool shade.

Two completely different species of animals make a deal. The scorpion will never sting the homeowner while the lizard makes sure that the venomous tenant feels at home. The scorpion pays back by serving as a guard it scares away foxes and other predators. Their alliance makes lizard hunting a dangerous undertaking.

The worst thing is when a human goes into such burrows. A sting of this type of scorpion is not deadly to humans but it will hurt for a couple of days. Both species benefit from this kind of a living arrangement. It’s a great example of animal symbiosis the lizard is protected from the predators while the scorpion gets to hide from the heat.

The sight of what happens in north america every year is truly amazing. Flocks of pelicans fly to a special beach in the sea of cortez and they arrive on time the tide has reached its highest point and the sea is giving them their reward.

The entire coastline is covered in grunion fish. The adult pelicans know when exactly the grunions will be beaching themselves and they pass this knowledge to their offspring flying with them. The grindings just don’t throw themselves out on the shore with the incoming waves for no good reason.

As weird as it sounds they do it to procreate. To lay eggs the females burrow themselves into the sand by moving with their tails forward and the males curl up around them fertilizing the eggs . They lay eggs where the marine predators can’t get to them above the highest tide level.

During the next spring tide their offspring will hatch and return to the sea. It would seem that catching fish out of the water would be easy for pelicans but they don’t have the necessary equipment. For the continuation watch the video.

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