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Cat brought a lot of money every day! People were shocked to learn where he got it from!

Cats are definitely everyone’s favorite. These cute and graceful creatures make our lives happier and more fun .But did you know that some representatives of the cat family are capable of bringing home not only joy but also money. A pet named cash lives in a building owned by one of the marketing companies in the american city of tulsa oklahoma.

The owner of the company stuart I adopted him from an animal shelter when he was about six months old. The shelter employee said that the kitten was running around alone in the field which is how they found him. Before coming to live with us he was homeless tell stuart mcdaniel the owner of the guru stu ferb.

Cache quickly got used to the new place the charismatic kitten quickly and easily solved the company’s pest problem which made him an indispensable member of the team. After all sanitation safety at the workplace is very important.

He enjoys spending time at the office and walks all over our keyboards every day and often sends out unfinished emails without our permission. A few years ago stuart and his team found several banknotes at the door. It was only the beginning. It kept happening every day people were confused where was the money coming from.

Stuart began to suspect that it could be the cat’s tricks but he still couldn’t understand where he was bringing the money from. Our building is located on a busy street in the center of tulsa so a large number of people walk by our door every day stuart explains.

Nevertheless the appearance of cash remained a mystery. The employees were racking their brain and finally they came up with a theory. We thought that it could be a passerby that got interested in the cute cat and wanted to get to know him better. Not having anything else they use dollar bills as a toy to play with the cat while our cats simply snatched those impromptu toy.

S in order to clarify the situation and satisfy their curiosity the employees conducted a kind of experiment. They inserted a banknote between the front doors. Soon they saw cash coming. He immediately snatched the banknote and ran away. Later it appeared in his traditional place in front of stewart’s door. For the continuation watch the video.

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