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A woman bought an old Boeing 727 for $2,000 to LIVE in it… An incredible house in a Plane

Back in 1993 the house in which joe lived was destroyed to the ground during a hurricane.

Hundreds of families including joe and her neighbors were left without a roof over their heads having lost literally everything they owned that day. At the same time she had no idea how to survive what happened and restore her life.

Just a few months earlier joe had lost her beloved husband who was her rock and whose hands had built their home. I stood on the spot where our kitchen used to be looking at all those ruins and thought that it was the end joe recalls. The situation was further complicated by the fact that the woman worked as a cosmetologist so as you understand she didn’t have money for the construction of a new house.

It was a very difficult time but sometimes there’s a way out even for a seemingly hopeless situation which is what happened in our story. Having only a small amount of cash joe decided to search for cheap options and began to consider the home on wheels option.

She checked out several places but couldn’t find anything worthy. For a budget of under $5,000 she was getting offers for small trailers only which obviously didn’t have enough space for a mother with a son and a daughter.

All this time joe and her children had to live with their friends. In 1994 her late husband’s brother who worked as an air traffic controller at greenwood airport at the time suggested an unusual option for joe to consider, an old plane. He simply said to joe what if you were to make your home out of a plane there would be enough space .

After all she lived not far from the airport where one of the leading aircraft restoration companies regularly made planes for the memphis group. Richard core do the company manager took her on a little tour but as soon as she saw the decommissioned continental airlines plane she yelled I want this one how much is it.

She fell in love with it at first sight. The old guy was gathering dust in a parking lot for several months and didn’t even hope to find a new loving owner. It was getting ready to go down in history disassembled from metal.

The boeing 727 with the registration number 88 701 made its first flight on may 11th 1968 and worked till september 20th 1993 and was parked at the greenwood airport since then .It took several months to empty the plane but when it was done the woman bought it for just two thousand dollars which was almost for free. She only paid for the cost of the metal. For the continuation watch the video.

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