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This man saved a mother-wolf and her pups, and for years later the pack found him…

This story happened in 1941 on kupreanof island in alaska.

This quiet and peaceful place became the scene of an amazing event. One man who was searching for gold was walking along a small river when he noticed that there was something behind the trees . He was instantly overcome by fear when he saw a huge wolf.

But had a closer look he realized that the animal got caught in a trap. Daring to come closer the man noticed that it was actually a female wolf which was evident from her swollen nipples. The gold digger assumed that there must be a pack of baby wolf’s somewhere nearby waiting for their mugger.

The man didn’t dare to free the mother wolf and decided to go find the pups first. Fortunately the mothers footprints were still visible in the snow so the man followed them. After a certain distance there were a lot more footsteps and he finally saw the wolf den in the bushes.

He ran up to it hoping that the pups were still alive and they were. They were healthy and unharmed but obviously very hungry. The gold digger quickly put them in a bag and took them to the place where their mother was trapped when he was getting closer the mother wolf began to howl feeling the scent of her pups.

The man released the pups and they rushed to their mother and began to eat eagerly. The situation was getting worse. The trap was tightening on the wolf’s leg cutting deeper into the flesh. The mother wolf didn’t trust the man and growled every time he tried to get closer.

The man remembered that he had seen a dead deer on his way so he went back to get it and a little later he began to feed the trapped animal throwing pieces of meat for her to eat. It was getting dark and the man decided to spend the night there. He cut down a few branches and built himself a shelter for the night.

In the morning the pups woke him up by sniffing him and licking his face and hands. The mother wolf was still hostile so the man needed to find a way to earn her trust so that he could help her out of the trap. For the continuation watch the video.

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