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The police of the entire US were after this 15-year-old young man. This is his story.

Genuinely talented people who leave a significant mark on history are born infrequently.

We will talk about a person who was able to turn the world of computer security upside down. When he was 15 years old the police of the entire united states were already after him. Together let’s learn about his life which is simultaneously interesting and complicated.

Kevin mitnick was born into a simple family in the u.S in 1963. His father left the family when kevin turned five so his mom had to spend a significant amount of time at work. He was a typical child and did not draw much attention to himself.

He developed an unusual hobby when he was around 12. While his friends were busy having fun outdoors kevin loved to take public buses and look out through the windows at the city landscape. The teenager spent all of his pocket money on such trips. One time when kevin was looking at his bus ticket he realized that it would be amazing if he could outwit the entire system and save a lot of money on public transportation .

He understood that ticket validation relies on the unusual puncture pattern that the driver does. The only thing that he was unsure of is where to get a ticket punching machine.

Without thinking too long he came up to the driver and struck up a conversation in which he casually asked where it would be possible to get such a machine. The trusting driver told the teen about a store that sold equipment for public transport. Kevin’s unsuspecting mother gave him 15 for a school project and soon he became an owner of a ticket punching machine.

The only thing left to do was to get blank ticket forms. The teenager knew where to get them because drivers would throw them out at the end of their shifts at the final stops. The schoolboy could then travel freely to many destinations without spending his pocket money on such trips.

At the time kevin was very proud of his little accomplishment and considered himself a genius. In a year kevin joined a club for radio amateurs and made a very interesting acquaintance there.

When his new friend found out about kevin’s abilities he showed him lots of amazing telephone tricks. Kevin’s acquaintance taught himself freaking which is the art of hacking telecommunications systems. He showed kevin how to use a secret number to make international phone calls completely free of charge.

His friend also taught him how to use slang words to sound impressive and convincing when tricking people. For the continuation watch the video.

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