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His catamaran broke down in 1989 and he ended up on a deserted island….

It happens to every one of us once in a while .

The desire to disappear off the face of the earth after a hard day’s work, to get away from all the troubles and just let our souls and bodies rest in some quiet paradise. But it often happens that as soon as you sit down to relax the phone rings reminding you that you have a tight schedule for tomorrow and making you run off on some errand.

We don’t belong to ourselves. Our lives are run by the system and which were merely tiny parts of some much larger mechanism. That’s exactly how the italian mauro morandi describes his old life.

Mauro worked as a pe teacher until he was 50 years old but then his life changed in an instant . His story began accidentally, back in 1989 the divorced man tired of his mundane life took a long awaited vacation got into his catamaran and sailed away from his hometown of medina. He wanted to see the exotic lands of polynesia and rest for a few days before going back home.

At the time he couldn’t have imagined that he’d become the sole inhabitant of a deserted island in the sea but then he got in trouble on his way. The catamaran’s engine broke so marudo had to row for two days with just one oar to get to the closest land.

That’s how he got to the little boudelli island located between sardinia and corsica in the mediterranean sea. After spending some time resting and admiring the beautiful rocky terrain and the unusual soft pink sand the 50 year old italian bumped into a local resident who had been the island’s caretaker and who maoro soon would become friends with.

Several days spent outdoors had fundamentally changed the man’s view. During these days he didn’t worry about anything. Moreover according to maruto himself for the first time in many years he could sleep at night.

He stopped getting chest pains and could see the stars in the night sky. He could finally break free from the never-ending race for money the noise and constant rush of the city. But as they say all good things must come to an end… For the continuation watch the video.

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