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He went into the mountains every day for 36 years… After a while, people saw a 10 km tunnel…

[music] hey guys we often hear the expression there is safety in numbers especially when people need to emphasize some collective action or there is a need for teamwork when they understand that it would be hard to make a change on their own or even when they’re looking for an excuse.

However there’s also an expression about a one-man army meaning that even one person is capable of achieving a lot capable of changing the lives of dozens of people capable of literally moving mountains if it’s ever needed.

Today we’re going to talk about a man who proved that nothing is impossible for a determined person. His story began many years ago in distant 1959 when a young 23 year old man named hwang jaffa returned after studying in the city to his home village of hongfa located in the north of china’s husa province.

After having spent a few years in the so-called civilization all he found in his home village was hunger . His fellow villagers were extremely poor and the only thing that saved them from starvation were potatoes and corn which they grew. But the worst part was that the village had no water.

The only well was drying up each year they used it in turns strictly observing the rules which was barely enough to cook food. Therefore they couldn’t even grow the most basic of the chinese culture grains such as rice. They simply didn’t have enough water.

Moreover the whole wong the village didn’t even have the most basic utilities such as electricity and of course they had no roads as the village was cut off from civilization by a mountain . The man had many ideas, he wanted to change the situation like no one else and as he then thought people united by a common idea would turn the undeveloped godforsaken village into a modern and successful settlement.

He couldn’t have even imagined at the time what hardships he’d have to face and how many years of his life it would take for him to turn his dream into a reality. For the continuation watch the video.

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