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A ranger rescued a hippo. He couldn’t imagine how she would thank him.

It so happens that baby animals sometimes find themselves all alone having forever lost their parents because of natural cataclysms . At that point they’re only saviors are caring people who are ready to lend a helping hand in a difficult situation.

After all we are all part of nature and we must live in harmony with it. That’s why today I will tell you the touching story of a friendship between a hippo and the huber family whose example we should follow. In the south african province of limbo poem lives the truly amazing huber family .

What’s so special about these people simply that to this day and despite their mature age they have a sincere and childlike love for nature and all living things. After series flooding the ranger toni huber found a newborn hippo on the banks of the limpopo river.

The hippo was left without parents and it is a miracle that the baby even survived the raging water. It looked like the animal was only a couple of days old it weighed 16 kilos and his body was only thirty centimeters long. Toni huber was certain that the baby would die without human intervention which is why he brought it to the ranch where he lived with his wife shirley.

Together they decided to take on the serious responsibility of raising the unusual baby. The events that I am talking about took place in the year 2000 that’s why as you can guess the beauty named jessica is already 19 years old. She now weighs one and a half tons. The young hippo loves sweet potatoes and the south african rooibos tea. You’d be surprised but every day she can drink up to 20 litres of the sweet drink.

Toni huber said that jessica does not live in captivity .She lives with the other hippos close to the blyde river. However she regularly comes to visit tony and his wife to hang out and watch tv. For this reason the ranger even built a special corridor from the reservoir to their ranch.

Hippos are actually very dangerous to people. However throughout her life jessica never showed any signs of aggression. The unusual pet actually guards the ranches riverbanks from crocodiles. As for feeding the hippo there are usually no problems with that. People from all the world come to see the domesticated animal except for the food that the huber’s themselves buy.

For the hippo the tourists also bring her food and drinks the feeding process itself is usually easy and fun. It’s interesting to watch a giant hippo emerge from the water and place her front feet on the raft in order to be given a 2 liter baby bottle with a giant orange teeth and delicious tea inside.

What’s more is that kids can even stand on her back .Tony explained that jessyca is very kind but for some reason is wary of all men. The huber family is currently waiting for offspring from their hippo. It is known that the reproductive maturity of hippos depends not on the age of the hippo but on its weight.

Jessica’s measurements mean that children can be expected in the near future. Tony and his wife dream of babysitting the newborns and hoped that the hippo will bring them into the house . By the way jessica often visits without warning and likes to hug her rescuers .

The ranger says that jessica likely considers them to be her parents .In a way they really are her parents. Today she is known as the most famous hippo in the world . 105 documentaries were made about jessica .She is a real movie star . I think it really is true that animals can be grateful for being treated with kindness and care .

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