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A young man screamed into the ruins as a joke, but suddenly a male voice responded to him

It so happens that sometimes you can save someone else’s life because of a coincidence. But of course only if you find the courage determination and empathy to do it . That’s why I will tell you an amazing story of rescuing a stranger that should serve as an example for each of us. Let’s go.

Nineteen-year-old isaac wellington watts and his girlfriend emily went into the woods to spend some time in nature and get distracted from their everyday worries. As the couple strolled at a leisurely pace taking in the beauty of the surrounding nature they noticed some ruins in the distance.

When they came closer they realized it was an old half-collapsed building. At first the building seemed to be abandoned and completely empty. That’s when isaac and emily decided to go inside to see for themselves what kind of building it was and what interesting things could be found inside of it but nobody expected the ensuing turn of events.

When the couple approached the entrance to the building isaac decided to play a joke on emily. When they came inside he suggested that they go in different directions supposedly in order to explore the whole building faster . In reality he simply decided to play a joke on his girlfriend.

He went around the building and knowing that emily was inside decided to look into one of the windows and loudly said hello. He expected emily to get scared after having heard the greeting but isaac is the one who was destined to get scared because somewhere from deep within the building he heard an answer and the voice talking to him was not emily’s.

In response to his greeting isaac heard a hoarse male voice that was coming from somewhere within the darkness. Later in one of the interviews isaac said I was terrified. I couldn’t even imagine what to do and fell into a stupor . Indeed at the time the boy could not even make a single move but after some time he was able to pull himself together and calm down a bit.

He then decided to go into the basement to find the source of the sound as expected emily who also heard the strange voice refused to go down with isaac so isaac went alone using a flashlight on his phone. Imagine the shock when behind a wall opening he saw an emaciated and dehydrated man.

The man turned out to be 51 year old james thompson who went missing about a month ago in plymouth england. The first thing that the stranger asked for was water. Luckily isaac had a bottle of water with him. After the man drank as much as he wanted isaac helped him come outside .

Emily was waiting on the doorstep and she immediately called an ambulance and the police . It turned out that the man called for help before but none of the passerbys responded. The medics examined thompson and took him to the hospital immediately. Later it became known that about a month ago the man broke his leg while walking in the nature reserve after which he could no longer walk.

He had only enough strength to crawl into the abandoned building in the woods and wait for help there but his shelter turned out to be too secluded. It’s very possible that if a month later our hero and his girlfriend didn’t decide to go for a walk he would have never encountered a passerby.

What’s most interesting is that when isaac left for a walk he had no idea that in a couple of hours he would become a real hero and the subject of local news. Fortunately this story has a happy ending. Well that’s all for today.

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