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An old man reformed and entire neighborhood….Even the cops were afraid to go there.

There have always been people whose actions courage care and of course their desire to change this far from perfect world have added their names to history.

Some have dozens of books written about them, some have movies made about them but there are also those who quietly and modestly do the work .

They don’t do it for the praise or the money or the power but simply because they care because they want to make our world a better place . The person we’ll be talking about today has become very famous. He’s not an actor or a singer or a famous politician. So what is it that he did to make his name known to millions of people.

Harris rosen grew up in manhattan new york in a regular family. His childhood was no different from his peers. When he graduated high school his parents were able to give him an education, he attended cornell university earning a bachelor of science degree from their school of hotel administration.

He then served in the united states army for three years in germany and south korea. After he was discharged rosen went on to get another degree at the university of virginia. For many years he worked in the hotel business in various cities in america, new york pittsburgh buffalo dallas and even acapulco in mexico.

Russian always dreamed of helping other people and donated the little money that he earned to charity. It’s also the reason why he turned to walt disney so he could work with him and help people. But for some reason disney didn’t hire him.

Harris was very upset and didn’t know what to do at first but then he decided to go into the hotel business and it was the right decision. In 1971 when he was in his thirties harris settled in orlando in sunny florida. He worked at a hotel and it seemed to him that his life was slowly passing him by.

The man was good at his job and in his long years of work he learned everything there was to know about the hotel business. So he saved up money for a long time and by the mid 80s he had saved 25 000. He also borrowed some money from his friends and bought a small hotel the quality inn and that’s the moment when the story of his great success began. For the continuation watch the video.

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