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A Man Bought a 3D printer and Printed a Lamborghini with his son in their Garage

Unfortunately today it is rare to see fathers and sons spend their evenings together and even more rare to see them be passionate about the same idea.

It happens often that neither children nor their parents have the time and probably not the desire to step away from the internet and video games, to turn off the computer and create something with their own hands like people used to do about 20 years ago.

A man named sterling backus from colorado invented something incredible. Not only did he involve his son xander in the process but he also was able to realize the boy’s dream.

I think you will definitely have to see what came of it. One winter in the evening of 2018 an 11 year old boy was lonely and begged his father to play with him, sterling reluctantly agreed. The father remembers that he and his son were playing a racing game on the playstation. When his son saw the luxurious sports car the lamborghini aventador.

His eyes lit up at the site of the cool car and he said to his dad it would be cool if we had a car like that. Of course they couldn’t afford to buy a car that cost 300 000 but then sterling had an idea. What if instead of buying the sports car they would build one.

It was a strange idea and the boy did not expect such a turn of events but from that moment on he did not leave his father alone. As a father sterling had to fulfill his promise if he had already made it . That’s how their project began. To realize his idea sterling wanted to use the latest technologies but he also wanted to get by with minimal costs.

It also had to be something that would interest his 11 year old son and his friends in science and technology. Actually sterling believes that a man needs to know how to work with his hands. That’s why after digging around the internet and spending several evenings on many internet forums sterling ordered a 3d printer for nine hundred dollars.

He also found a diagram of the coveted car model. After watching several videos on youtube he understood how to work a 3d printer. From that moment on active work began in the family garage.For the continuation watch the video.

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