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200-year-old MYSTERY still unsolved – who built this underground and how? The Oak Island Treasure…

People tend to believe that in the long years of studying our planet we’ve learned a lot about it if not everything .

We’ve learned to create and drain the seas reverse rivers and even fly into space. But there are still many unexplored places on our planet that no one can explain. There’s the small oak island off the coast of nova scotia in eastern canada.

People have been trying to uncover its secret for over 200 years but to no avail, there’s a treasure hidden there which everyone knows about but no one can get. According to the most widespread theory it all began in 1795 when three curious boys wanted to play pirates and thus went on a journey to the southeastern end of the island where they found an old oak tree there.

It had a ship block hanging from one of the branches as well as a piece of half rotten rope and a piece of fishing tackle. Right under the oak tree the curious teenagers discovered an entrance to a mine which was almost completely covered with earth.

According to another version it all started with two old sailors, john mcginnis and robert lethbridge who were rumored to have retired from one ship. John mcginnis was breeding pigs and growing vegetables lived as a hermit stubbornly refusing to leave the island even though his son and daughter-in-law constantly invited him to their place.

The old man felt particular trust towards his eight-year-old grandson daniel. According to daniel’s recollections after drinking some jamaican rum john once told him that when he dies his grandson will become the richest man in nova scotia.

John mcginnis appears to have drowned while fishing in 1805 and his grandson inherited his hut almost entirely. One day young daniel was playing pirates and discovered his grandfather’s chest with several old maps which had the island marked on them and covered with incomprehensible symbols and encrypted inscriptions.

Unable to decipher the symbols daniel turned for help to robert lethbridge who lived nearby. He seemed to have shown interest in the find and promised to help but that night the hutt caught fire and lethbridge died.

All of mcginnis’s records which the children unfortunately didn’t think to make copies of in advance were also lost in the fire. Digging through the ashes the boys allegedly found the entrance to the mind under the stone slabs that covered the floor.

The guides managed to get into the pit. The walls of the mind had some incomprehensible signs on them. The young treasure hunters immediately began to deepen the hole but at a depth of about three meters they found an overlap made of thick oak logs. For the continuation watch the video.

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