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Why do owls sleep this way? The unusual sleeping habits of different animals.

Sleep is a special physiological state that every living organism requires to some extent . People who are the most advanced representatives of the animal world sleep an average of eight hours a night in an environment that is completely free of natural disasters.

It’s much more difficult for the animals . Let’s take a look at what conditions different species have to sleep in depending on their habitat and position in the food chain. We’ll start with the lion . The king of the animals feeds on raw meat which requires the most comfortable conditions to get digested.

So the lion sleeps up to 20 hours a day in the shade under the trees or in the tall grass. If there are elephants or hippos around. The lion climbs a tree and sleeps there to be able to peacefully and completely relax all the mussels.

Storks are beautiful birds capable of undertaking long flights for example from europe to africa. Scientists got curious about how storks sleep during these migrations. Their incredible assumptions got confirmed when a store gets tired it moves from its place into the center of the v formation and closes its eyes which sharpens its hearing .

Hearing the sound of the wings coming from behind and the front the stork doesn’t lose height or the direction of the flight . 10 minutes of flying in this automatic mode are enough for the stork to recuperate and be ready to switch places with the next tired member of the flock. Beautiful fluffy marsupial creatures .

Koalas can sleep up to 22 hours per day . They have a very limited diet and consume little water and thus their metabolism is very slow . They sleep in the trees in various comfy positions holding onto branches with their clinging claws.

Ungulates live in herds and often have to flee from predators which is why it’s very important for them to always be on their feet. So they only have two options for resting putting their head on a standing member of the herd to have a nap or get some real sleep lying down. For the continuation watch the video.

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