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An exhausted hyena howled in pain lying in the middle of a field

Perhaps hyenas might not seem like the nicest animals for some but they still deserve the ability to live freely and not get abused. Poaching poses a serious threat to many wild animals around the world and is one of the main reasons for the loss of biodiversity.

Today it was poachers who were the cause of suffering for a young hyena. It fell into a trap set by poachers in the village of fullpoor india. Its right front paw got stuck in the trap and the situation was worsened by the fact that the trap was wrapped around a branch.

The hyena’s desperate howl was heard by the workers of a local plantation. The wild hyena was lying in the middle of a field barely conscious howling for help with the last of its strength. People were its last hope. The hyena was barely conscious and could hardly move it was obvious that it had been in the trap for several hours already and every move it tried to make was torture.

The workers immediately called the wildlife sos rescue center. The rescue was determined that it was a male hyena about six years old and quickly brought the animal to the hospital. Freeing the paw from the trap caused severe bleeding but it was stopped in time.

Fortunately the x-ray showed that the hyena had no fractures . However the animal had experienced severe stress which it’s still recovering from in the comfortable conditions of the clinic. Once the wounds heal and the predator’s condition stabilizes it will be released back into the wild thanks to these compassionate people.

If it weren’t for their help it could have all ended horribly in just a matter of hours. Traps are notoriously known as devices that inflict prolonged torment on their innocent victims suffering begins when the unsuspecting animal steps into a trap and it closes on its paw sometimes even breaking the bone.

The trapped animals can’t escape unharmed and about a quarter of them gnaw off their paws to stop the excruciating pain. Traps aren’t only painful but they also can’t choose their victims . Hunters simply throw away millions of trapped animals who’s further not interested in, this includes dogs cats as well as many endangered species.

For every furry animal caught in the trap there are two casualties. A partial or complete ban on fur farms has been introduced in the uk holland austria switzerland sweden italy and other countries. The use of traps has been banned throughout the european union for over a decade.

They’ve also been banned in dozens of other countries around the world. They’re considered inhumane by the world veterinary association the american veterinary medical association and the american animal hospital association.

The overwhelming majority of americans are against such traps but about 80 percent of fur animals caught in the united states are caught using this method. Unfortunately using animal traps hasn’t yet been banned in russia the usa and canada but hopefully traps will be banned throughout the world in the near future. Well that’s it for today everybody .

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