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A mother left her daughter home alone with a Dog. When she returned, she witnessed a horrific scene.

It’s not a secret that dogs are very smart and loyal animals. They are good at sensing danger and are always ready to come to the rescue in a difficult situation. This story is about a dog named graf who turned out to be a fearless protector of his family. This story took place in the middle of the last century.

A young man named alexander recently returned from the army to his beloved girlfriend tatiana but she didn’t wait for his return alone. She was in the company of a small german shepherd puppy who was her gift to alexander.

The young man was happy because he dreamed of owning a dog for a long time. He named him graf. The couple soon got married and alexander got a good job. Most importantly fate gifted them with a wonderful daughter. After a short leave tatyana had to return to work.

Because of this the little one spent a lot of time with her loving grandmother and graff of course. The dog was very calm and well behaved. He never disturbed the child’s naps with barking, he was very patient and loving and would always lie down next to the little girl’s crib when she was resting.

In four years the little girl grew a lot. She developed quickly and was very smart . One day the grandmother who usually watched her granddaughter got sick and had to stay in her own home. Because of this the mother had to take a day off of work in order to stay home with her daughter .

When the girl went down for her afternoon nap tatiana decided to make a quick trip to the nearby store to get some groceries. She simply did not have any other choice because no one else could stay at home with the child. She left her daughter under graft supervision and went to the grocery store.

On her way tatiana ran into a friend whom she hadn’t seen in a while and chatted with her for a bit. At that point she didn’t know what kind of danger awaited her family . On that fateful day burglars got into the family’s apartment building under the pretense of being construction workers .

Their plan was to walk down the hallways and see which apartment would be the easiest to break into. They knocked on the front doors of apartments that they were interested in to check if anybody was home. It so happened that the burglars chose alexander and tatiana’s apartment .

They knocked but nobody answered. The burglars began to pick the lock when they heard a child’s voice . The little girl who was sleeping in the apartment heard the noise and walked up to the front door… For the continuation watch the video.

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