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Boy was playing on a tablet in a store when an employee realized what he was doing and made a video

Today our story is about a boy who had an immense desire to learn but didn’t have the opportunity . Modern school kids in developed countries are used to the fact that their education is inextricably linked with a computer.

They take it for granted. But there are places where students have a very difficult time. An ordinary ten-year-old boy guillerme santiago studies in one of the brazilian public schools in the fifth grade. His family lives in a low income area where communication facilities are lacking.

The boy himself is the youngest of four children in the family. He became famous on the internet thanks to a video posted on social media by one of the managers of a large shopping mall. The man works at a samsung store.

The employees began to notice a boy in their department who often hung around the phone section . He turned on the phones and did something. He pushed the buttons looked at the screen and wrote something on a piece of paper once in a while.

The shop assistants were unnerved by the boy since he was little and quick. His clothes weren’t that new and he had a cheap backpack . The employees were scared that if he steals an expensive phone they’d have to pay for it out of their own pockets.

Later they decided that the boy simply comes in to play games. Tired of being afraid one of the shift managers snook up on the boy and cutting him off from the exit asked him why he came to their store so much.

The boy was clearly frightened but replied that he was doing his homework there. The store employee was surprised and then gullier may went into more detail . There are 278 students and just 12 tablets at their school but the main issue is that the internet is regulated by the school board which limits access to it since it’s quite expensive.

Guliarme’s parents don’t have enough money to pay for installing the equipment so in order to complete an assignment that requires internet access he comes to the store and uses one of the phones to go online. Today he needs to complete a geography assignment which will take about 10 minutes. For the continuation watch the video.

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