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The girl took a small kitten, not even suspecting how huge it will become.

Hi friends. A handsome Maine Coon with an unusual name, kefir, lives in a Russian city. An old oskol looking at this huge cat, which can hardly fit in the hands of the hostess, it is hard to imagine that he was once a tiny fur ball. The fate of kefir is amazing and the owner of the cat, Yulia Minina, told this unusual story on social networks. Kefir appeared in their Minin family a little over a year ago. Surprisingly, the cat is only a year and 11 months old, while in its dimensions it resembles a rather large and well-shaped dog.

Some people really confuse kefir with a dog. It all started at the beginning of the restrictions associated with the well-known virus, when the authorities imposed a self-isolation regime for citizens. It was then that the Minin first thought about a pet, so that it would not be so boring to be in forced quarantine. Having made a decision, the couple began to receive offers from nurseries. Here they came across an advertisement for the sale of an adorable white kitten. The Maine Coon breeder honestly warned that the baby had large Minin parents and they knew this, but they didn’t even know how big they were.

Kefir itself was not a giant, on the contrary, the kitten was very dragging in July. I suspected that he would have to be seriously fattened, but the genome pets really turned out to be magnificent. Kefir was unpretentious in food and ate everything. Now he weighs 12 kilograms, while remaining very mobile and inquisitive. Kefir also loves to sleep with the owners on the bed. According to Yulia, it’s just an indescribable feeling when a 12 kg code tramples on you.

Surprisingly, despite its size, the cat is very affectionate good-natured. According to the hostess, it seems that the soul of the kitten is in the body of a huge beast. Friends, if you liked it, press a fat like and write your opinion about this story in the comments.

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