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Huge southern whale decided to play with a surfer

Hi friends. Argentine Patagonia is an interesting place familiar to many wildlife lovers. The whale migration season specially comes here. At this time of the year, curious marine life approaches the shore to the delight of locals and tourists. Huge whales are quite friendly to people, and this story is a direct confirmation of this. According to many, southern right whales are one of the most amazing inhabitants of the deep sea.

They have a very powerful smooth body of black color, sometimes decorated with white spots, such whales do not have a dorsal fin, but they have wide oars. The figurative flippers look very impressive animals, but unfortunately this species is endangered despite the fact that the population of southern right whales has declined due to human fault. They are very curious and love to interact with people. This video was filmed with a drone and clearly demonstrates the friendliness and natural curiosity of southern right whales. The incident occurred off the coast of the port of adren argentina.

A surfer woman was riding a boat off the coast, suddenly a kit appeared nearby, but the giant inhabitant of the deep sea did not even think of harming a person. The footage shows that the whale gently pushed the boat with its fin, as if watching the reaction of the woman, and inviting her to join the game. After swimming nearby for some time, the whale returned to its relatives. In general, in this Argentine region, whales are as close as possible to the coast.

During the migration, they observe people, but they do not always come into direct contact, as happened in our case, so it is not surprising that the video taken by the drone immediately went viral, because it is not often possible to assure such an interaction between humans and marine life. Friends, if you liked it, press a fat like and write your opinion about this story in the comments.

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