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Van cat and fox from Turkey The story of an amazing friendship

Hi friends. Many people think that only people can be friends, but this is not so. Strong sincere friendship is also found among representatives of the animal world, for example, in our history, representatives of different species could make friends – a cat and a fox. It happened near the Turkish lake van, but you will now find out how it all began. This story was widely known, thanks to one of the Turkish newspapers. It told about the friendship between the Lan cat and the fox.

Furry friends lived in the village of chit arena located on the shores of lake van. At the time of publication of the material, the animals were literally inseparable, which surprised all the local residents. For the first time, a cat and a fox met on the river bank, which is surprising, representatives of such different species did not show aggression to each other, as is usually the case. In nature, on the contrary, mutual sympathy immediately flashed between them, then more animals began to meet more often, which led to a strong friendship.

For example, forests shared with the cat what they managed to catch. Wu, too, was not greedy and treated his girlfriend. Once, fishermen caught our couple doing this activity, from that moment on, furry friends turned into a local attraction. The fishermen specially leave fish for them and watch with interest how the cat and the fox play after dinner. The history of the cat and the fox is known to all the locals, while the villagers rightfully consider the animals almost a national treasure, and try to create the necessary conditions for them.

All this is done unobtrusively, so the cat and the fox do not even know that they are being taken care of. Of course, a cat and a fox sometimes quarrel, but insults quickly pass and after a couple of hours they are together again. Friends, if you liked it, press a fat like and write your opinion about this story in the comments.

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