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The noise in the wall of the house prevented the family from living. Knowing the reason people were speechless

Hi friends. An employee of an insect control company named David posted on the facebook group, and a post where he told about the release of one house from a huge bee hive, the case, which the specialist called my biggest hive, received incredible popularity, and was even shown in the news. Posted publication instantly became viral and you will understand why only personally assess the scale of the operation. It happened on June 1 in the US state of Tennessee, the parker house in question.

It is located in the village of Eureka there and outwardly looks quite harmless, the ancestors of the homeowners settled here back in 1924 and before the house did not cause concern. To its inhabitants, however, recently one of the owners named Stephen began to complain about the buzzing of insects that prevented him from sleeping. Finding harmful than it was not difficult, a small cluster of insects settled right next to the window on the outside. However, David is an experienced specialist and understood that the discovered hive could not cause so much anxiety for the owners of the house, then he decided to enlighten the wall of the building with a thermal imager.

The preliminary conclusion after the study was the next two-meter hive located right in the wall of the house. David put on a hazmat suit and began dismantling the facade of the building, dismantling all the wooden panels. The man discovered a real honey processing factory in order to save people from problems and he cut the garden in pieces and neatly laying them in wooden frames specially prepared for this. Working surrounded by alarmed bees, the specialist gradually reached the bottom of this nest, but to his surprise he did not find the body of the uterus.

Then the man realized that his idea of ​​the size of the hive was greatly underestimated. The queen bee was discovered behind a cornice and carefully placed in a shipping container on the top floor. The master discovered another bee colony and here again he had to look for the queen to ensure that the house was rid of insects. Overall, David had to demolish a 9-meter hive that hard-working bees had been building for 50 years. The specialist worked for about nine hours and pulled the court out of the ceilings of 12 segments along with their buzzing inhabitants. And today everyone is friends. If you liked it, press a bold like and write in the comments if you have ever seen such a huge beehive.

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