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The girl found out that the guy survived their breakup too easily, and then she came up with revenge…

Hi friends. Each person handles separation from loved ones differently. Some are depressed, others hatch plans for insidious revenge. One Chinese woman from the province of Shandong was able to outdo everyone. The girl decided that the guy forgot her too quickly and suffered a break in relations very easily. She could not endure such indifference alone when a loved one. Whatever it was, she decided to make her ex-cavalier sob. Our avenger is called Jalal and she broke up with her boyfriend about a year ago.

Being in a relationship, the guy actively communicated with other women, so Jawa decided to leave him from mutual acquaintances. She learned that her ex-boyfriend was not upset at all and continues to live a normal life. Then a plan of revenge formed in her mind. The girl decided to make the guy literally cry, for this she ordered a whole ton of red onions and gave a special instruction to the delivery service so that the present would simply be unloaded under the door without contacting the recipient. It took the courier about four hours to cope with this difficult task.

The former gentleman commented on the situation. According to him, the former lover is very dramatic especially and personally. He does not see anything wrong with the fact that he did not burst into tears after parting, did not stand aside, and the guy’s neighbors, one of the women said that she did not know. The guy shed a tear or not, but many neighbors really cried from the pungent smell. In her opinion, the whole residential complex has now been smelled with onions, the most interesting thing that the cunning boy managed to extract from this situation is quite real.

It looks like he just sold the whole bow, he will get about 1,000 yuan for it, which is about 10,000 rubles. However, he has not yet succeeded in getting rid of the sly smell, so he will have to wait until the pungent aroma disappears from all rooms. And today everyone is friends. If you liked it, press a bold like and write in the comments whether you have ever been your ex.

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