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Moving into a house in 1843, a man fell into a secret well, accidentally revealing its secret.

Hi friends. This story happened in the US state of Connecticut and it all started with a banal move. One man was helping his friend carry things when the floor collapsed under his feet. Our hero fell a 9-meter hole and was convinced from personal experience that old houses are capable of presenting unusual surprises. The details of this unusual move became widely known, thanks to the police of the English city of Guildford, a message appeared on the Facebook page of the departments that the employees of the department would take part in an unusual rescue operation.

It all started with a call to 911, the voice of an excited woman was heard in the receiver, who introduced herself as Angela town. According to her, she, along with her friend Chris, helped her friend move suddenly under her feet. The guy heard a crack and he fell into a deep well, which was located directly under the house. It was a 9 meter shaft partially filled with water. The rescue service responded to Angela’s message quite quickly. Just a few minutes later, a fire brigade drove up to the old house and the police first dropped the man’s life jacket to make it easier for him to stay on the surface of the water.

After that, rescuers began to prepare a system for lifting the victim to the surface. All in all, Chris had been in the mine for no more than half an hour. Fortunately, the guy was not injured in the fall, escaping with minor bruises and discomfort from falling into the cold. He escaped with a slight fright, but the situation could become unpredictable if the floor fell under the feet of someone and women or children. The police department of Guildford explained that old houses can be fraught with many dangers and urged the owners of such property to be careful. The official representative of the department said that the successful completion of the story can be called a miracle.

A fall from such a height could well have ended in death. The woman who bought this house in 1843 was going to move in a week. It was only natural that she knew nothing about the secret wells under the floor. Now the mine is closed up after the completion of the work, the homeowners will have to get the conclusion of the construction supervision that the house is not dangerous, and only after that they will celebrate the housewarming. And today everyone is friends. If you liked it, press a fat like and write in the comments about your most interesting finds.

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