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The worker came to repair the old woman’s wiring, but seeing her plight, he surprised her very much

Hi friends. It is always nice when there are caring people who are ready and unselfishly to help, and it is very good that such stories do happen in our cruel world. For example, a handyman, John Kenneth, who received an order to repair electrical wiring in the house of a resident of the US state of Massachusetts. Once in the home of an elderly woman, the guy realized that 1 wiring is not enough here and the dilapidated building required a major overhaul.

John could not leave the woman in trouble, he threw a cry among the volunteers and they arranged a real surprise for the elderly woman. Let’s get to know our hero better. This is a junky who does not do home repairs in Russia. These guys are called husband for an hour. He lives in the USA and, as history shows, he is an indifferent guy with a big and kind heart. One day, Gloria Skud, a 72-year-old pensioner, called him. A woman wanted to fix a chandelier that had suddenly stopped working. Johnny thought that the repair of the lamp would take a long time, but he was very wrong about them. The old house needed renovation literally everything.

The ceiling crumbled in the backyard, the impassable weeds, the picture of general neglect touched the master to the depths of his soul. He decided that he would help the woman put the house in order, but the work was really huge. Shadows organized several volunteers who agreed to help him with repairs, in addition, the guy understood that the elderly woman did not have money to buy the necessary building materials, so he decided to arrange a fundraiser. It is worth noting that really sympathetic people live in Massachusetts. John managed to raise about 110 thousand dollars.

This was more than enough to make a good repair, and some people willingly shared food so that volunteer builders would have something to eat. Now the gloria house looks like from the picture, the most interesting thing is that the woman did not pay a cent for the overhaul, for which she is infinitely grateful to john and other people who agreed to help her. And today everyone is friends. If you liked it, press a bold like and write in the comments what is the kindest deed you have done in your life.

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