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A woman spent 32 years looking for her missing son and saved 29 children during this time

Hi friends. A mother’s love knows no bounds. A two-year-old son was kidnapped from a Chinese woman, and the unfortunate mother could not come to terms with the loss. The woman decided to fight and 32 years after the abduction she was able to find as many as twenty-nine children, but you will learn from this story what happened to her son. Little Mauine was kidnapped in the late 80s of the last century. On that ill-fated day, the father took the child from kindergarten. On the way, the boy became thirsty, the father turned away just for one minute to buy water for his son, but this was enough for the visitors.

Of course, there was an appeal to the police – leaflets were posted, announcements were made through the media, but everything was in vain and it was not possible to find the child. Li ding g the boy’s mother could not come to terms with the loss of a woman, she even left the service in order to devote all her free time to searching for her son. Surprisingly, this fragile woman handed out more than a hundred thousand leaflets, visited endless programs, where she tirelessly told her story. Begging to respond to everyone who knows anything about her son. Li quite often received a message that her son had been seen, but after checking it turned out that it was a different person. This long-term history was resolved just recently.

In April, police received reports that a man adopted three decades ago lives in China’s Sichuan province, but he lives a thousand kilometers from the place of the abduction. Surprisingly, it turned out to be mowin, who was kidnapped and sold to 1 childless family. Now he is a successful businessman, but despite this he is going to return to his native land to live with his biological parents. There is another positive side to this story.

While I was looking for my son, she organized a whole volunteer movement aimed at finding missing children, and during this time she helped return all 29 missing children. And today everyone is friends. If you like it, hit the big like and write in the comments. Do you go to your goal no matter what or retreat at the slightest difficulty.

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