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The dove flew daily to the hospital and knocked on the window. Upon learning the cause, the doctors were amazed

Hello friends. This amazing story was shared by a nurse from one of the city clinics. Then a pensioner was admitted to the hospital, who complained of feeling unwell. The on-duty team worked quickly and the man was rescued. However, he had to spend some time in a hospital bed. It was then that strange things began to happen in the hospital department. That day, a nurse named Anastasia noticed a pigeon sitting on a ledge. Initially, the woman did not attach much importance to this; the birds often sat on the window sill of the clinic to rest.

However, this voice was very strange: the bird did not even think to fly away and just sat on the window, despite the rain and the scorching sun in the corner, left its post. Only for a short time, but always came back. Once the bird even began to peck glass with its beak, as if drawing attention to its feathered person. This went on for days. Once the medical staff opened the windows to ventilate the premises and the bird was able to get inside, being naked in the ward. Immediately landed on the back of the bed of an elderly patient. However, the man was sleeping, so the bird fluttered onto the windowsill and again froze in patient expectation.

At that time, the nurse drove away the feathered guest who violated the hospital routine. However, the room had to be ventilated regularly, so the very next day the bird visited the elderly patient again. Such visits became regular and no one chased the pigeon away. The patient soon recovered and was allowed to walk in the park. Anastasia saw this walk from the window and with her own eyes, watched how doves flocked to an elderly man from all sides. The nurse was struck by the friendship of a man with pigeons and she decided to find out the story of an unusual patient. Anastasia found out the next pensioner. Kazan dovecoteers and has been breeding these birds for several years.

He even built a small dovecote in the courtyard of the house. When the man got to the hospital, the feathered wards decided to visit him in the clinic. The hero of this story spent three weeks, after which he was discharged home. The nurse, posting Shia Pasta to an unusual patient on the Internet, wrote that during this time no one came to visit the old man. Of course, except for the dove, which visited his friend every day. She is everything today. Friends, if you liked it, press a fat like and write your opinion about this story in the comments.

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