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The man saved the little calf. Just look how grateful he is for that.

Hello friends. The heroine of this story is a heifer named Jema, who was infertile and could not produce milk. As a result, the cow was deemed useless for the dairy farm and it was decided to put her on the meat. However, fate decreed, otherwise Ryan philips is an American with a rich heart. In 2016, the man created a charitable organization to help animals that no one needs. Raen called his shelter life with mugs and decided that he would help all the animals that were offended by human society.

A three-day-old chick named Gina ended up at the shelter by accident. The man found out that the unfortunate woman was being prepared for slaughter and decided to take her to his shelter. On his page on social networks, Mr. Phillips wrote that the heifer perceives him as a father, but this is not surprising, because he literally fed her from a bottle like a caring dad. Since then, a few years have passed from a tiny heifer, Jena has turned into a 400 kilogram cow, which still adores her foster parent and always happily hugs him when she meets him.

The most interesting thing is that gin has really become an integral part of Ryan’s life, he even asked his girlfriend’s hand and heart in the barn next to his pupil’s pen. Of course, his chosen one named Sherman immediately agreed. Curiously, Gina really loves her savior. When she wants the attention of the cow, she bellows loudly, and does not stop until Ryan of the book approaches.

If a man does not have a cow for a long time, he is sent to look for him on-off. Toschi wanders around the house and looks into the windows with sad eyes. According to Ryan, she also adores her baby, if this term is applicable to a well-fed cow. And today everyone is friends. If you liked it, hit the big like and write your opinion about this story in the comments.

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