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People from all over the world come to see an unusual tree from which water flows.

Hello friends. The small village of Dinush, which is located in the southeastern part of Montenegro, has become famous throughout the world. The reason for such popularity was an unusual tree from which a real fountain is beaten. Learn how this wonder of the world appeared from this story. The village is located just 10 kilometers from the Montenegrin city of Podgorica. The locals call this wonder of nature, the water tree. The mulberry fountain has been observed in this place for 30 years.

An unusual tree grows in a spacious meadow and water periodically flows from it during the heat season. The source dries up, but with the advent of rains, the natural fountain starts working again. The tree itself is very old and, according to the most conservative estimates, this plant is at least 150 years old. During this time, the inside of the trunk turned into dust, and when the insides of the tree fell, a cavity resembling a hollow formed. A mulberry tree grows in a territory that is rich in various underground sources, and as you know, water always finds a way to the surface.

So, thanks to the full trunk, the mulberry tree turned into a unique natural fountain. Now tourists from all over the world come to look at this miracle of nature. In fairness, we note that this is far from the only fountain created by nature itself, for example, in the Estonian city of rotten. There is a witch’s well located right above the underground river and when this pool overflows, the water is literally thrown to the surface.

The spectacle is incredibly beautiful and also attracts crowds of tourists, however, the locals have their own explanation for this natural miracle. According to legend, there was a bathhouse under the ground that witches visited, it was rotten when they steamed and got a taste. Water began to splash to the surface. mienno this legend is now being told to tourists. Friends, if you liked it, press a fat like and write your opinion about this story in the comments.

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