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The policeman ordered the girl to open the trunk, not knowing that at that moment she was filming it

Hello friends. When the policeman stops the car, the driver involuntarily begins to recall his petty sins. It’s like he didn’t turn on the turn signal or the seat belt was not fastened, even with careful driving, a sudden stop by traffic police officers causes nervousness, so it’s easy to understand the state of the Chinese who were driving to an interview and suddenly saw the police car’s T-shirts turned on behind. The girl obediently stopped, but sincerely did not understand what exactly she could violate.

Our heroine was very late for the interview, because she really needed this job. At the same time, the girl was sure that she did not violate the rules of the road. She expected that it was a mere formality and even immediately prepared all the documents so that she would be released as soon as possible. However, the policeman ordered to get out of the car and pointed out to the girl that the rear lights of the car were working.

He told this to officer Jenkins who stopped her for a violation. The girl also admitted that the adjustment of the rear fanny was completed because the master who performed the work estimated an additional check at $ 600, and the students did not have that kind of money. The policeman listened to the story, ordered to remove the documents and open the trunk. When the girl fulfilled this requirement, Jenkins set about repairing the taillights. The girl was amazed by the patrolman’s act, because the place was a fairly issued fine.

He just helped her eliminate the chinese violation, told all her friends about it and even posted a corresponding post on social networks. The story received a fairly wide response among social media users, who urged other police officers to be as decent as Officer Jenkins. And today everyone is friends. If you liked it, press a bold like and write in the comments your opinion about the story.

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