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This apartment was locked in 1939. After 70 years, they opened it and did not believe their eyes.

Hello friends. This incredible story began back in 1939, then it was quite clear that German soldiers would soon occupy Paris, so many citizens left for where it was safer. Our heroine, who was then 23 years old, also locked her apartment and went to the south of the country. She never returned to the capital, although she carefully paid the payments for the apartment. In 2010, the woman died, and her relatives suddenly learned about the inheritance in Paris, which they did not even know about. In an apartment locked for over 70 years, an incredible surprise awaited them.

The owner of the apartment was Madame de Florian. She left Paris at a young age and never returned to it when the woman passed away at the age of 91. And the relatives learned about the investigation, they invited a specialist to evaluate the things locked in the apartment. For more than 70 years, Olivier Chopin, who was hired to perform this work, experienced incredible awe, because when he opened the dusty door with his old shoulder, he seemed to be transported far into the past. The man carefully opened the old lock and went inside with his assistants.

From what he saw inside, the man literally took his breath away in the apartment. There was furniture when it sank, and now there were appliances on the table, which had become antiques, and the pictures taken from the walls lay on the sofa. Perhaps the hostess wanted to take them away with her, but could not. In general, except for a thick layer of dust, it seemed that the hostess had just left her apartment. Everything was so colorful and natural, but in addition to the antique furniture of the old apartment, there was a real treasure. It was a portrait of March de Florian. The grandmother of the owner of the apartment painted the famous Italian artist Giovanni boldini.

Among the things they found his letter in which he confessed his love to March. The painting was sold at auction for 3 million 400 thousand dollars, and it became the artist’s most famous work. Relatives of Madame de Florian, were satisfied with the inheritance and unexpectedly fallen wealth. However, they did not understand why the elderly woman never told the Paris apartment and did not return there after the victory over Germany. And today everyone is friends. If you liked it, hit the big like and write your opinion about this story in the comments. Bye Bye.

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