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A widow finds an old photograph of her husband, only to realize she’s been deceived all her life

Hello friends. 3 philips have been married for sixty-four years. She sincerely loved her husband and bore him two children. During all this time, the woman did not even suspect that her adored husband had his skeletons in the closet and he lived a double life for a long time. For many years of married life, Audrey and green were truly happy. The family had two children, then five grandchildren and great-grandchildren were born. To provide the family with all the necessary clay, the wife had to work hard.

He said that he was an engineer, but the truth came out only many years later. When the man died in the papers of the departed spouse, Audrey found some documents and was surprised to learn that clay was a spy. As a 13-year-old teenager, he was recruited into mi5 by an unknown man, who was called the captain. It happened back in 1944. They took the boy in intelligence because of a phenomenal memory. The first task of the freshly minted scout was that he had to get into the prison through a concrete pipeline.

To talk with the captured German and to transfer the information received to his curator, the cooperation of the media 5 continued after the end of the Second World War. For example, at the age of 19, the guy participated in the capture of 2 spies on the 3rd mission. Clay was also associated with the capture of saboteurs. At this time, he was already married, and his family had no idea of ​​his second life. Having learned about the real roles of her husband, curls asked herself many questions.

Knowing the truth, many things that she had not attached importance to before found their explanation. Now it is very interesting for a woman to know what her husband really did when he left for work, but this is unlikely to succeed. In his personal diary, Clay revealed the details of his service, noting only watts that only his father knew of working with his son in intelligence. Friends, if you liked it, press a fat like and write your opinion about this story in the comments. Bye Bye.

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